200 Knights Hill Rd, Camden, SC


   The Museum and the grounds may be rented for special events all year round. With historic Springdale Race Course right off the back terrace, the Museum offers up a beautiful setting for weddings and parties of all types. The guidelines for rental of the Museum and grounds have been developed with careful consideration for the convenience of the renter and for the protection and maintenance of the property.

Rental fees for special event usage:

Building and grounds $1200.00
Security (required and supplied by Museum) 25.00 per hour
Exterior Only 400.00
Meeting space and small (under 30) parties 200.00/hour

Event Resources

Party Reflections
Special Event Rentals 803-794-0010

Party Rentals 803-939-2739

Carolina Events Rental
Event Rentals 803-475-9709


Aberdeen Catery 803-425-1060
Jack Brantley

Southern Way Catering 803-783-1061
Jesse Bullard

Capital City Catering 803-603-4545
Leeanne Ellis

Mill Pond Steakhouse 803-917-8295
Mark Price

The Catery on Broad 803-425-1011
Tripp Guinn

Indigo Catery 803-425-5284
Mike Jones

BlackTie Bartending 803-237-3999
Daniel Nodine


Second Nature 803-432-5834
Tommie James, Manager

Kingdaddy 803-802-0476
Thomas Berger, Manager

Call the Museum for the complete rental guidelines.