200 Knights Hill Rd, Camden, SC


   The National Steeplechase Museum is the only museum in the United States dedicated solely to the national story of steeplechasing, and to the horses, people and places that have influenced its history. Located on the historic Springdale Race Course, the museum holds a wealth of knowledge about the amazing athletes, both equine and human, who have become champions in this exciting sport.
Historians seldom agree with one another about much of anything and horsemen are renowned for their wildly differing opinions, but amazingly, there is a consensus about the origins of steeplechasing. Click here to read more...

Board of Directors

Ms. Beverly R. Steinman, Chairman
Mr. R. Donald Terrell
MG Julian Burns
Mrs. Hope H. Cooper
Mr. William B. Cox, Jr.
Ms. Marty Daniels
The Honorable Laurie Slade Funderburk
Mr. Walter M. Long, Jr.
Mrs. Susan Sensor
Mr. Jonathan Sheppard
Mrs. Laura T. Shull
Mr. George Strawbridge, Jr.

Advisory Council

William Lickle
John Von Stade

Executive Director

Ms. Catherine French